Little Sam needs to sleep! Be a good sandman and send and merge the right dream pieces to form a lullaby to prevent them from having a nightmare and waking up.

How to Play

You start the game by merging the blue and the red shape. 

The dream pieces come in in shapes and colors. Merge the right ones by dragging them onto each other and bring them to Sam. You win by giving Sam enough right pieces to form a good dream, but beware: Too many wrong pieces and Sam will wake up!

Only on the desktop version:

Press ESC to close the game.

NOTE:  pressing ESC in the Web player while the screen is not maximized results in an Error.


Producing - Felix Günther LinkedIn

Programming - Felix Lenz LinkedIn

Game Design - Lukas Roloff LinkedIn, Leonie Straßer LinkedIn

Art - Jakob Lücking LinkedIn ArtStation

Music and Sound Design - Héctor Jotta

Download the Soundtrack



Download 64 MB

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